CCUSD Shifts Permit Policy Towards Academic Stability

The Culver City Unified permit policy is one that many families rely on, and with our ongoing housing crisis, one that has shaped the education of many students.  At the CCUSD School Board meeting on Tuesday, January 10, the Board unanimously passed a new Inter-District Attendance Transfer Permit policy.

Board member Dr. Kelly Kent noted on social media “The change we adopted … eliminates all of these old draconian practices, and mandates that once a student is a CCUSD student, they are part of our family. PERIOD. No exceptions. We will not kick you out. We will not threaten to kick you out. If you struggle academically, socially, emotionally, physically or otherwise, we will not abandon you and push you out for some other district to handle. If your family is forced to move out of Culver City for any reason, including the unaffordable housing prices in our area, you will continue to be a CCUSD student until you graduate or leave out of choice.”

Applicable to all PreK/K through 12th grade students as of Fall 2023, this resolution changes the District’s permit policy to a more compassionate one, safeguarding that once an out–of-district student is granted a permit to attend CCUSD schools, they will forever be a CCUSD student with the same academic, social and emotional supports as students who reside in Culver City, as long as they choose to attend CCUSD schools and abide by the State of California’s educational code of conduct.

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