Ballona Creek Bike Path Sustainability and Accessibility Project – Community Meeting Jan. 18

The Public Works Department’s Engineering Division invites members of the public to a hybrid in person and virtual meeting to discuss the Ballona Creek Bike Path Sustainability and Accessibility Project.

This project is a grant-funded Public Works project to improve 1.1 miles of the Ballona Creek Bike Path between National Blvd (at Syd Kronenthal Park) and Duquesne Ave (the next gateway to the west).

The primary goals of the project are to promote active forms of mobility and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making improvements to the Ballona Creek Bike Path that will increase bike path utilization, including access for persons with disabilities or mobility impairments, and to provide for wildlife habitat, as well as prevent contamination of water runoff into the Ballona Creek watershed. The project is currently in the concept design phase.

At the community meeting, consultants and Public Works Engineering Division staff will provide an overview including:

  • Project status and schedule
  • Project grant and interagency coordination requirements
  • Bikeway design options for landscaping, pavement design, signage, and lighting

Residents from the community are invited to ask questions and provide input about the project and design options. Members of the public may attend in person or stream the meeting online via WebEx. WebEx meeting attendees will not be able to speak but may submit questions via the chat function.

Questions and comments to be addressed at the meeting may also be submitted in advance by noon on the meeting date to [email protected].

Masks are highly recommended but not required.

 Hybrid meeting – In person at City Hall and online via Webex Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 6:00 PM in person at Dan Patacchia Meeting Room on 1st Fl at City Hall, 9770 Culver Blvd, Culver City and online via Webex.

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