Protest March Precedes Council Meeting

With the sudden notice of a City Council meeting on Dec. 21, 2022, community activists hastily put together a protest march to gather like minded residents before the official proceedings. Posted as a ‘discussion of an anti-camping ordinance,’ the protesters rallied at Gate One in front of The Culver Studios, and walked to City Hall. 

“The reason we are starting here,” organizer Bubba Fish of Streets for All addressed the crowd, “is because The Culver Studios is a visible symbol of the real estate money that flooded this last election cycle. The developer who owns this property spent half a million dollars in PAC donations to buy that council seat, and now they are wasting no time in using it to attack the homeless.” 

A crowd of more than 75 people walked to City Hall, chanting ‘Services Not Sweeps’ and gathered to rally in the courtyard in front of City Hall. More people joined as the rally continued, and the crowd entered into the council chambers for the meeting as the doors were opened. 

Judith Martin-Straw

photo credit – Karim Sahli

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