AVPA One Body Dance Company to Present “Inspired By …”

The AVPA’s One Body Dance Company invites you to join us for a glimpse into the choreographic process featuring student works along with creations by professional artists Beth Iguchi and Seda Aybay with rehearsal support from Keali’i Ceballos.

The prompt given to the choreographers was “Artists that Inspire You”. We did not limit them to dancers that inspire them…they were free to choose an author, a painter, a poet, an actor, a political figure, etc…their choice.

The choreographic process is similar to the writing process. We begin with an idea, then explore/research that idea, then develop the idea, proofread and edit, then present the final draft. The art of dance is unique, however, in that we need dancers in front of us to bring our ideas to life. It is a slow process, one that requires care, clarity in communication, commitment, patience, listening, trust, effort, and openness to try new things. We are so excited to share pieces with you from every phase: IDEA, EXPLORE, DEVELOP and PRESENT

November 17-19 at 7 pm (only- no Saturday matinee) 

Robert Frost Theatre 

4401 Elenda St, Culver City 90230

Please park in designated school parking lots and not on neighborhood streets.

Tickets are $5 – available at the box office prior to each performance.

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