Election Updates – New Numbers, Majority of Ballots Still Outstanding

After the ‘ballot drop’ late Thursday, November 10, 2022, there has been only a very slight shift in the standings for our local contests.  As we don’t know how many voters returned ballots, we can only go with the current LA County measurement that 74.20% of the ballots are still outstanding, and that 67.86% of voters choose to Vote by Mail. Again, this is not the Culver City statistic (we won’t have those numbers until after everything has been certified in December) but it does show that the large majority of votes are still being tabulated. Only 32.14% of voters cast their ballots in person on Election Day. 

The Ballot Measure BL is now leading YES by almost 60% (58.93%) with 5,278 votes, and Measure VY is still looking to be a NO with 53.56% of the returns, at 4,918 votes. 

The City Council race has added numbers, but no candidates have changed position. O’Brien is still the current lead, with Renteria following in second. Puza is only 57 votes behind, and Fisch is 179 short of Renteria’s current total. Either candidate could easily close the gap in subsequent updates. The council is often a contest where the end margin is just double digits, and every election cycle of the past eight years has had at least one seat decided by a very few votes. 

In the CCUSD School Board race, the three winning places are still stable, with Guerrero, (16.64 %, with 3646 votes,) Ezidore ( 16.3% with 3514 votes)  and Loredo (15.59% with 3416 votes) holding the leads. Fourth place is now occupied by Menthe, who is only 328 votes away from Loredo. Again, the majority of votes are yet to be counted, and places could change at the next ballot drop. 

One of the few confirmations at the local level,The United States Congressional District 37 will be Sydney Kamlager, coming in with 62.07% of the vote, totaling 46,125 votes. Her opponent, Jan Perry, received 37.93% of the ballots, finishing with 28,188 votes. 

More updates are expected from LA County soon; if they are in before we post the day, we will add them. If they do not post before 3 pm, we will update on Monday. It’s expected to be several days, and could be more than another week before all ballots are counted. 

Take a breath – 

Judith Martin-Straw



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