Dear Editor – Xenophobia Has No Place Here

Dear Editor,

I was horrified to see the xenophobic and anti-immigrant sentiment expressed on Twitter by Alex Fisch’s campaign manager.

That kind of attitude has no place here.

Culver City’s, Los Angeles County’s and the entire region’s diversity, including its immigrant population, is our special sauce. It’s what makes Southern California so great.

Meg Sullivan

The Actors' Gang

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  1. It’s so disingenuous to call the tweet xenophobic or anti-immigrant! And to strip it of all context!

    The tweet in question was in the context of a discussion of the high prevalence of racism in Sweden. A Black Culver City resident contributed to this discussion, saying that he’s observed racism in the rhetoric and stances of a Culver City councilperson who is from Sweden. Agree or disagree, but the tweet was neither xenophobic nor anti-immigrant.

    He also called the councilperson an “asshole” — maybe you think that’s out of line, but again it’s not xenophobic nor is it anti-immigrant. It’s clear from the context of the tweet that he thinks the councilperson is an “asshole” for the councilperson’s racist stances and rhetoric, not because the councilperson is from Sweden.

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