Dear Editor – Puza Support Strengthens

Dear Editor, 

The race for Culver City Council has gotten heated. In the last election, Freddy Puza was very close to winning (he came within 28 votes of victory!). I want him to be seated as a council member this time.

The sharply rising and high cost of housing in Culver City is personal to me. A dear family member of mine relocated from Culver City out of state because of their job. Thirteen years later, their son returned to his hometown telling me he missed living here. While working and going to school, this young man is on the lookout for an affordable unit in Culver City. He simply can’t find anything affordable here.

Freddy Puza knows about the housing crisis we are experiencing in Culver City and surrounding areas. He is advocating to build much needed affordable housing for young people like our friend’s son. I know this: when Freddy advocates for a cause, he gets results and gets it done. Half of our city’s residents are renters. Wages being what they are, dealing with rent increases without the rent control we now have would have left half of this city’s residents in a predicament. Freddy was a leader of Protect Culver City Renters when it was formed in 2017. Working with others, he was effective in advocating for renters who achieved permanent rent control and protections for tenants when a majority on the city council passed them into law in 2020.

Freddy is serving on Culver City’s General Plan Advisory Committee. He is dedicated to public service and was previously a member of the Culver City Advisory Committee on Homelessness after many years of volunteering on Skid Row. This man gets it. Freddy walks the talk. He won’t shy away from making difficult decisions to benefit us all and not just the interests of powerful developers who have their own agenda.

Freddy knows that budgets reflect our values. Culver City has become serious about equity due to the leadership of our progressive council majority. Equity, diversity, and inclusion truly matter to Freddy. This means treating all community members with respect and listened to everyone, including those who have been under-represented for so long. I am grateful that Freddy places diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community at the center of his platform. Meaningful participation, transparency, and an open government are of fundamental importance in a democracy, and this is essential for Freddy.

Once elected, Freddy will be the first openly LGBTQ+ Culver City Council Member, a historic milestone that will further our city’s new reputation for inclusive leadership.

Something else that I really appreciate about Freddy Puza; he takes care of aging dogs. He loves them dearly and provides them with a wonderful, forever home. In addition to his leadership skills and intelligence, Freddy is kind, respectful, knowledgeable, and hard-working. This man is a gem of a candidate.

Please Join Me in Voting for Freddy Puza!

Haifaa Moammar
Culver City, CA

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  1. Totally agree! Freddy understands the needs of ALL Culver City residents — not just those who can afford or have the privilege of owning property in Culver City.

  2. The housing issue is of extreme importance to me. I want my child, along with his friends, to be able to live in the town they grew up in. What is happening now with the unaffordable housing crisis verges on being a human rights issue-not able to find shelter. This young man desperately seeking an affordable place in Culver City and the surrounding area is technically homeless. The housing issue is outrageous and just wrong.

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