Dear Editor – Renteria and O’Brien’s Campaigns are Funded by a Commercial Developer with a History of Destroying Small Businesses.

Dear Editor,

Redcar Properties is a commercial real estate development firm specializing in acquiring properties in high growth urban neighborhoods. This means buying out and displacing Black, Latino, AAPI and other community based small businesses.

Redcar Properties was launched by former Blackstone executive Chris Chee. The UN has accused the Blackstone Group of of exploiting tenants, “wreaking havoc” in communities and helping to fuel a global housing crisis.

In 2021 Redcar purchased Dynasty Center In Chinatown, despite heroic opposition from the 100s of thriving local minority/women owned small businesses based in the center. Redcar immediately increased rents and began harassing tenants, serving 3-day notices without acknowledgement of current eviction protections.

Two senior Redcar employees have recently donated to Denice Renteria’s campaign:
10/20/2022 James Jacobsen Financial Officer Redcar $1,050.00
10/20/2022 Vincent Korth Financial Officer Redcar $1,050.00

And to Dan O’Brien’s campaign:
10/20/2022 James Jacobsen CEO RedCar Properties – $1,070.00
10/20/2022 Vincent Korth – Partner and President RedCar Properties – $1,070.00

Redcar have their eye on Culver City. Yet more aggressive Billionaire Commercial Real Estate Developers believe that Dan and Denise will work for them. What will this mean for our hard-working small businesses, many of whom are members of the Culver City Chamber of Commerce? If you value your small business, be careful who you vote for.

Polly Beale

The Actors' Gang


  1. Looks like a political ploy, late in the campaign, by some of the other candidates’ supporters that are trying to tarnish Dan and Denice’s campaigns (reputations) with a “Guilt by Association” message. I cannot imagine how a one-time, short-lived PAC could ever spend the enormous sums thrown around by other candidates’ supporters in a such a small town like Culver City, in such a short period of time. Think about it!

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