Dear Editor – Boy Scout Leadership Lauds O’Brien

Dear Editor – 

I am writing to submit an endorsement for Dan O’Brien’s bid to be elected to the Culver City Council. I have known Dan since 2014 through our sons local Scouts BSA Troop 108. My son had newly joined the troop and the current Scoutmaster had indicated that he would be stepping down and the future of the troop was in jeopardy unless another volunteer step up. At the time our unit had about 20 scouts with a significant number who would be aging out within 2 years. Dan, stepped up and asked me to be the Unit Committee Chair. I gladly took the position because I wanted to see the troop continue to be resource for our sons but also to the youth in our community.

It is in the position that I truly saw Dan’s strong and dynamic leadership skills. He took a unit of 20 young boys and grew it to over 80 scouts. He also helped guide over 20 scouts and counting in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. To understand how remarkable this is, the typical number of scouts who achieve this goal is 4%. Dan does not just lead by direction but through hands-on mentorship.

I started out as what I thought would only be our unit’s Committee Chair, but due to the work we accomplished in our unit, we joined the local Crescent Bay District Committee and two years ago I was elected District Chair. One of Dan’s greatest asset is in partnering with people and helping to develop, expand or encourage engagement in a shared goal. That is a rare quality and one I hope he will be able to share with our community.

I have lived in Culver City for 19 years and this is the first time I am encouraged that a candidate for City Council is truly invested in the success of the overall community and not just specific groups. I know that we are in a challenging time, and in many ways we have lost our sense of community. I truly believe that Dan O’Brien is the right choice at the right time for our city.

Thank you,
Tracy Miller | District Chair – Crescent Bay

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