Culver City ‘Breaks Ground’ on Project Homekey Housing

“The solution to homelessness is and always has been housing.” State Assemblymember Isaac Bryant spoke to the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Project Homekey hotel conversion on Sepulveda Boulevard on Sept. 30, 2022. “I am proud, honored and grateful to be standing on a site that will have over 70 units, that I hear will be open by the end of the year.” 

In March of 2022, Culver City was awarded a $26.6 million Project Homekey grant from the State of California for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and operation of two local motels. Combined, the motel-repurpose projects will create 39 interim housing units for people experiencing homelessness and 37 permanent supportive housing units for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness.

While no physical ground was broken, the ceremony marked a start date for the work to commence.

“Repurposing these two motels is a critical part of Culver City’s overall plan for addressing homelessness,” said Culver City Mayor Dr. Daniel Lee. “While the root causes of homelessness are tied to systemic inequities, housing is a fundamental and core solution that can meaningfully address homelessness by providing a safe place indoors where people can find wrap around services, healing, and stabilization. While housing 76 of our neighbors through Project Homekey does not end the problem, it marks our notable progress.”

The hotels on Sepulveda Boulevard which are now being renovated are the fruit of years of effort by the city to address the problem of homelessness. The list of prospective tenants is being cultivated by the city’s Housing Division of the Community Development Department, headed by Tevis Barnes. 

Bryan offered his thanks to the work of the city council, and concluded  “The way to get people off the streets is to get them into housing.” 

Judith Martin-Straw

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  1. What exactly does , “Wrap around serves , an healing, stabilizer”
    We where told you pay $300. an all is good . That is your place unless you don’t pay your rent . What I’m hearing is double talk . Either we’re who pay rent , or are we actually subjects, partaking in another whim in helping homelessness .? These are very important questions I have a lot to lose by going inside and I don’t know what the perimeters of living are. This is not what we were told, we were told is its residency that you pay for and then as you wish like most adults do and most of us have experience in our lives. I don’t wish to give up everything I have out here to go into a party roommate and be thrown back out like I’ve heard many people are so can you please what was told to us not presented to us. Is this just another thing from as as it was with the pandemic and with it yesterday and Joseph got $500 for every signature they had and did nothing for anybody so you tell me what’s really going on here before we make any decision to pack it. Let’s face it,the stretch between Washington and Venice is not that appetizing. is not that advertising can you tell me what else’s what it is it is being presented or is it just another idea of what it is that we need

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