“Flag For Our Times” Competition Winners @ Wende Museum

We are pleased to share the selected winners of the Wende Museum’s artistic flag design competition, “Flag For Our Times.” The winners will have their flag design printed and displayed at the Wende Museum as a part of a temporary installation.

The Wende’s current exhibition The Medium is the Message: Flags and Banners combines Cold War-era political, ornamental flags from communist countries with contemporary artworks offering critical reflections on the here and now. Historically, flags have had a wide variety of purposes: to symbolize communities, to define borders, and to protest.

One of the contest winners, Mya Umar (featured above) said “My utopia would be a society that protects wildlife and the environment. The octopus represents acceptance. People should be accepted for their identity.” 

All contest winners can be seen at /www.wendemuseum.org/content/flag-our-times-competition-winners


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