McBride Launches School Board Campaign with a Breeze and a Boost

Long-time CCUSD School Board member Summer McBride was in a unique place; on a searing hot Saturday afternoon, September 3, 2022, she hosted a gathering of local voters in a grove of trees at Culver City Park to kick off her campaign for the November election.  After having served for six years, this would be her first run for the office. A breeze arrived to cool down the rally just as the speakers began to heat up. 

McBride noted, “As many of you know, I was appointed to fill a seat [left vacant when Board member Sue Robbins moved out of the area] and then I ran unopposed for the next term.” As an incumbent who had never campaigned before, her numerous supporters almost all fell into the category of long term fans, people who have worked with her for years and want to see her continue in the post. 

With kudos from State Senator Sydney Kamlager, State Assembly member Tina McKinnor,  CCUSD Teacher’s Union President Ray Long and Classified Employees Leader Debbie Hamme, McBride had many compliments on her work with the school board. Most enthusiastic was outgoing Board President Dr. Steve Levin, who offered his official endorsement along with his regard for her high standards and wide outreach. 

McBride was on point with her focus for the upcoming year. “There is more money coming in to schools in California there has ever come in before,” citing the State’s abundant budget that has shifted towards funding education. “We will be getting $11 million more dollars than we had last year, when our budget was about $75 million… this is more money than California has ever put into education, and we need to put it to good use.”

Looking back over the last two years of pandemic, closures and re-openings, McBride offered “Right now, more than ever, our schools need to be community schools.  We need to take care of the people who are taking care of the students. We don’t have nurses full time on all of our campuses, and that’s a need.”

Noting the adversarial stance that many in the community held over pandemic policies, she said “Our people have been scapegoated – we are not caring for our kids if we are not caring for the adults who are there every day to care for them. We have 7000 students and 800 employees, and it’s our job to take care of everyone.”

Recognizing her opportunity to build on what has already been a very successful run at the school board, McBride thanked the PTA, the district employees, and all the parents who were involved and committed to CCUSD schools and their students. “The people I am going to win with are the people I have been working with for years.”

Judith Martin-Straw

Photo – Summer McBride with Senator Sydney Kamlager

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  1. In other more precise terms, Ms McBride is running as a six-year “unelected incumbent.”

  2. Actually, not correct – if you run for office unopposed, you are still elected. McBride was an appointee for her first two years, and an elected for the next four.

  3. As a teacher in CCUSD, I am grateful and thankful she is running for re-election. She is the only champion for students and families in our district.

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