CC Chamber Seeks Nominees for ‘Women in Business’ Awards

The Culver City Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking nominations for its 7th Annual Women in Business Leadership Awards.

“We are so proud to, once again, recognize the contributions of incredible women in our community,” said Britta Eriksson, co-chair of the Chamber’s Women in Business Council, which is organizing the event. “This has become the city’s signature event celebrating the talents and successes of female business leaders in Culver City and beyond, and we look forward to shining a spotlight on five highly deserving women who are leaders in their fields.”

Nominations can be made in five unique categories:

  • INNOVATOR: Inventive and on the leading edge of her profession, the Innovator is a risk-taker in any of the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, math or media (STEAMM). With boundless creativity and endless ideas, she seeks out pioneering ways to solve problems in her unique professional world and has made a mark in her field.
  • FOUNDER: The Founder is the keystone of her company and a primary leader of her business.  Inspiring with her past and current endeavors, she uplifts those around her by sharing her knowledge and experiences while cultivating new concepts, encouraging growth among her colleagues and facilitating success within her company.
  • TRAILBLAZER: With an entrepreneurial spirit, the Trailblazer is a professional who finds new paths where there were none and is not afraid to take chances.  Her motto might be a version of “if we don’t succeed, let’s try something different!” As she embarks on the early stages of her career, the desire to cultivate something new and extraordinary drives her will to succeed.
  • VISIONARY: The visionary always has her sights set on the future.  Open-minded and ambitious, she strives towards improving her industry and the lives of others through her initiative and the work she does. She knows that it takes a team to make a difference and rise to the top– productive collaboration and listening to the ideas of others are just some of her many strengths.
  • NONPROFIT LEADER: This award honors a current nonprofit staff leader (CEO or Executive Director) whose distinguished achievements have resulted in significant progress toward improving a community issue. They must work on behalf of a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose program(s) serve the Culver City community. Recognized by peers as a leader in the sector, she demonstrates excellence in leadership and management and inspires others to achieve meaningful, measurable, and sustainable results.

All nominations are due by August 31, no exceptions. For more details or to nominate someone, please visit


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