Culver Current Stays in the Flow – New Show After Dark

Due to popular demand, the groundbreaking mixed media sculpture created by Los Angeles-based artist Nate Mohler, has been extended through December 2022 with a new show. Now this stunning interactive “fountain” displays a bright combination of generative video art with kinetic silhouettes mirroring viewers’ movements every evening beginning at dusk.

The artist’s original inspiration was the idea of the fountain as a public gathering place, as he reimagined the inactive water fountain over which the custom thermoformed Corian® shell sits. The 9-foot tall steel frame houses 494 LED panels that illumine the shell from within. The artwork defines several values: the current time, water current, and electrical current.

“Traditional fountains are feats of engineering and art, capturing the force of nature . . . I wanted to reimagine what a modern fountain would look like today, with new traditions and technologies. This sculpture is a reflection of the past, a moment in the present, and a discussion of the future,” says Mohler.

A free augmented reality (AR) postcard is available at the sculpture site. The back of the postcard includes information about the free Pixpand app which shows how to view the video on your smartphone. 

The concept behind Culver Current is also a nod to German philosopher Jürgen Habermas’s vision that supporting art and activity in public space leads to a more harmonious society.

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