Village Well Books & Coffee to Get City Certification for Sustainability

Village Well Books & Coffee is one of ten businesses that will receive recognition on June 1 as a certified Culver City sustainable business. The bookstore-café, located at 9900 Culver Boulevard in downtown Culver City, switched out many of its practices to greener ones to achieve the certification. This includes creating an incentive (25 cents off) for customers who bring their own mugs and/or bags; offering BPI-certified compostable straws and cutlery; separating out organic waste from trash going to landfills, and switching to green cleaning products.

The shop will continue to pursue more ways to adapt its operations to make them even greener.

This is the 4th year that Culver City has offered and celebrated sustainable businesses in Culver City that demonstrate environmental stewardship, community engagement and social responsibility.

Joanna Brody

The Actors' Gang

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