Sharing the Road – Important Reminders for Bike Month

May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and the Culver City Police Department reminds drivers to follow the speed limit and look out for people riding their bikes. “The days are longer, and the weather is pleasant, making for ideal conditions to go on a bike ride,” Police Chief Manuel Cid said. “Drivers, please share the road so we may all get to our destinations safely.”

The Culver City Police Department suggests the following safety tips for bicyclists and drivers:

Slow down and follow the speed limit. Be careful traveling through intersections.
Look carefully for bicyclists and pedestrians before making a turn or opening a car door near streets or bike paths.
Be patient when traveling behind a bicyclist. Maintain at minimum three feet of space when passing or overtaking a bicyclist.
Never drive distracted or impaired.

Bike Riders
Use lights at night (at minimum, a front white light and rear red reflector).
Although not required for riders 18 and older, always wear a properly secured helmet. Helmets significantly reduce the chance of a head injury in the event of a crash.
Bicyclists must travel in the same direction of traffic as cars and must follow the same requirements as any slow-moving vehicle.
Yield to pedestrians, just as a driver would. Pedestrians have the right-of-way within marked crosswalks or within unmarked crosswalks at intersections.

Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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