Culver City Protests Against SCOTUS Draft Opinion

“I was watching my daughter play soccer when I heard the news, ” Culver City Council member Yasmine Imani McMorrin told the crowd gathered to rally for reproductive rights, “and my heart just broke.” 

On Saturday, May, 7, 2022 a crowd at Vets Park gathered to protest against the draft opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States that indicates the court will overturn the 49 year old law created by Roe vs. Wade. The rally, organized by McMorrin with CCUSD Board member Dr. Kelly Kent, featured speakers Kaya Kurtz of the Reproductive Rights Club at Culver City High School, along with Nicole Martinez, Co-President of the CCHS organization POC For Change. Both young women spoke about the need for autonomy to remain legal, and the absolute commitment of students to fight against authoritarianism. 

Local resident Stephanie Loredo shared her personal story of a pregnancy unexpectedly turning dangerous, and how vital it was for her to have the medical help and legal standing that saved her life. “I could have died; I would have died. And there would be no Mom here to take care of my other two children.”

Council member Alex Fisch rebuffed the slogan of ‘pro-life,’ saying “Providing health care is pro-life. Providing housing is pro-life. What these [Supreme Court] Justices are proposing is the exact opposite of pro-life.” 

The crowd grew steadily through the three hours scheduled, and the rally ended at the corner of Culver Boulevard and Overland Avenue with a sign-waving walk in front of the Film Fountain. Many passing cars honked their approval of the protest, and more than a few shouted in encouragement. 

On the same day, there here were also protests in West Hollywood, and several parts of the city of Los Angeles. Larger protests are being organized for May 14 and 15 throughout Southern California. 

Judith Martin-Straw

Pictured – Nicole Martinez (left) and Kaya Kurtz speak to the crowd. 

Photo credit – Karim Sahli

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