Ava Franz Takes On Food Waste for GS Gold Award

 Ava Franz is not just theorizing; she has a practical plan and a pragmatic way to realize it. “I am extremely passionate about environmental justice so I’ve decided to center my Gold Award project around the issue of food waste.”

For her Girl Scout Gold Award – the highest level of achievement in Girl Scouting – Franz has a place, a date and a project that can create the kind of change we need. “I have planned a compost and seed distribution event on Saturday May 7th from 2-4 pm in the Culver City Middle School parking lot. There will be a lowboy of Certified USDA Organic compost as well as a selection of non-GMO seeds.”

Getting more locals enthused about growing their own food and composting their own waste is the goal that Franz has in mind. “My hope is that with this small event, I can change just a few individuals’ food waste habits and help them to start connecting with their food through gardening.”

While the city has done outreach about the need to use the green bin for all food waste, to keep it out of landfill and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases coming from waste, every plant that goes in the ground helps, and every person who gets a better understanding of how essential it is will help.  

“The aim to create a sustainable project that is lasting in my community for years to come.People need to be connected with their food.”

There will be free USDA Certified Organic compost and a selection of non-GMO seeds available for anyone who is interested in gardening to pick up. With this small event, Ava hopes to encourage people to start connecting with their food through gardening and reform their food waste habits. 

Working in tandem with Culver City Public Works, the event is a gift to local gardeners and a way to take a vital step towards more local food. 

The afternoon event is on Saturday, May 7th from 2-4 pm. To pick up compost only, it will be available from May 3rd through 8th, Culver City Middle School parking lot. 4601 Elenda St Culver City, 90230. 

This event is free and open to anyone who is interested in gardening. Please bring your own shovels and bags to take compost home.

Ava Frans, a Girl Scout in Culver City and a junior at Culver City High School. The Girl Scout Gold Award project, the most prestigious award that scouts can earn, is required to have an aim to make a lasting impact on her community for years to come. 

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  1. Our condominium complex just recently set up compost bins, and I would love to learn more about composting. Unfortunately I cannot attend this event on May 7th. Any public resources you can recommended would be appreciated.

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