Actors Gang Extends ‘Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay!’ to June 11

The Actors’ Gang is extending Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! and our April 30th closing night party will now be our CANT’ PAY? DON’T PAY! extension party. Yes, we’re still partying on April 30th!

The cast and crew will take 1 week off and Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! will return May 12th, running every Thursday and Friday through June 10th with a new FINAL PERFORMANCE and CLOSING NIGHT PARTY on Saturday, June 11th.

Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! is a show about rising prices, inflation, and the struggles of the working class. We find ourselves in these exact conditions now. Please join us for an evening of laugh-out-loud comedy and we’ll connect in person and face these economic struggles together.

Go to the Actors’ Gang ad on the page and click through for ticket info. 

The Actors' Gang

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