Dear Editor – IPCC to Culver City “Be the Change…”

Dear Editor,

The IPCC  just talked directly to Culver City. Will we listen?

This week, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change explained what cities like ours can do to slash our GHG emissions and stop cooking the planet. Specifically, it said that “urban growth through co-location of higher residential and job densities” along with “transit-oriented development” could reduce urban energy use by ~25% by 2050.

Translation: job-rich towns like ours need to do our part by increasing residential density and allowing multi-family housing construction, so that more folks can simply walk, bike and bus to their Culver City jobs (instead of driving from the Valley or Pomona). Right now ~75% of Culver City’s residential land is reserved exclusively for detached houses and duplexes… completely off-limits to the increased housing density that the IPCC urgently calls for. We can change that and welcome a few more neighbors into our communities, and in the process we can give our children and grandchildren an Earth that’s habitable.

Or: we can not.

Patrick Meighan

The Actors' Gang

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