New Exhibits at the Wende Museum – April 10

Opening this Sunday, April 10, two new exhibitions and an installation at the Wende Museum explore the ways historical distance, contextual change, and artistic appropriation affects the interpretation of artifacts.

The Medium is the Message: Flags and Banners
Opening in the Taschen Family Gallery, this exhibition combines Cold War-era political flags from Eastern Bloc countries alongside contemporary artworks that reflect critically on the here and now

Martin Roemers: Relics of the Cold War
On view in the Wende’s West Gallery and garden, this exhibition presents work by Dutch photographer Martin Roemers from 1998 through 2009, when he captured the structural and topographic remnants of the Cold War in both the East and West over an eleven-year period.

Light-guard-house: Installation by Farrah Karapetian
In its permanent home in the Wende Garden, California–based artist Farrah Karapetian will turn the Wende Museum’s original East German guardhouse into a lighthouse, changing a gesture of suspicion into a gesture of welcome.


Photo credit – Volosy (The Hair Group), Soviet hippie flag, 1975, Soviet Union. Reconstruction based on archival photograph by Debra Marlin.

The Actors' Gang

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