Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell Talks About Women in Politics, Pandemic Poverty Impact, and Bruce’s Beach

The current issue of LMU Magazine offers an interview with Supervisor Holly Mitchell, who represents Culver City for the county of Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles County has an all-female Board of Supervisors for the first time in history. What do you hope will be your impact?

I am proud to serve alongside these dynamic women during this historic moment for L.A. County. Each supervisor has a unique lived experience and expertise that is needed for creating equitable policies that improve the quality of life for the 10 million residents we represent. This is bigger than the seats we hold. It’s also about showing what women in leadership can do. My hope is that part of our legacy will be to strengthen county services for the millions of residents who rely on us, execute substantive public policies that help ensure an equitable recovery, make a visible impact on our homelessness crisis, and improve the quality of life so that all residents can thrive.

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