Friends of the Library – $10 Bag Sale ( Limited Time, Limited Merch, Limited Bag)

The Culver City Friends of the Library are happy to announce that the $10 Bag Sale is back! The sale begins on Monday, February 14th and will run for a limited time.

At the Friends of the Library book sale room you can fill up a bag (note the definition of a bag) with all the books you want for only $10. And why stop there? Buy two bags, three bags, or more – they are still just $10 per bag!

The sale room is constantly stocked with a wonderful variety of books from a seemingly endless number of genres with everything from paperbacks to coffee table books. The inventory in the book sale room will be replenished frequently – so check back often!

The important fine print: The following items are EXCLUDED from the Bag Sale: Children’s Books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines. The appropriate size paper shopping bags will be available at the library. If you bring your own, the bags must be no larger than the standard size supermarket shopping bag.

Culver City Julian Dixon Library is located at 4975 Overland Ave. 

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