Dear Editor – Multi-Family Housing in the Heart of Screenland

Dear Editor,
   I am writing in regards to all of the rhetoric going around Culver City about housing and single family residences. I have lived in Culver City for fourteen years. I have only lived in multi-family residences. I lived in a triplex, then a duplex, and currently live in a condo in Tara Hill. Quite frankly, I couldn’t afford to live in Culver City if multi-family residences didn’t exist, and who am I to then turn around and tell someone else that they can’t have the same opportunities as me. I would welcome more multi-family residences, and I would welcome more families into this city. I would welcome them into our schools, our businesses and our communities.

We like to think that Culver City is somehow on an island from the rest of LA, but we’re not. We are right in the heart of the city (or the Heart of Screenland as we like to say), so it’s not right for us to try and set up boundaries to the rest of the city. We can’t shut our city off from people who just want a nice place to live, good schools to send their kids to, and to feel part of a community. That’s probably what brought most of us here in the first place. Maybe we all need to remember that.

Thank you for your time,
Kenny Stevenson

The Actors' Gang


  1. Yes (Mr. Stevenson) but were do we / should we make the limit? Why not just say “build whatever you (city / residents / etc.) want”? Why not multi story buildings on every residential street? Five, six, ten or more stories tall? If we are only “limiting”, as the city currently does, buildings of 5-6 stories, and “only” ADU’s on traditionally single family lot sizes, what do we do when those are full?

    If I and others wanted to live in “downtown LA” would would.

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