Local Artist Rownak Wins Honors Online

“Beauty is everywhere, it must just be recognized. Creating a visual experience that pulls the viewer into the piece and sparks their curiosity and emotion using color, depth and composition is my rewarding journey.”

Local artist Richard Rownak has won another accolade for his colorful work from the Contemporary Art Room online gallery. The gallery noted that “Our fifth Art competition “Colors” started in November 2021 and concluded on December 30, 2021. Art Room Gallery received entries from many countries around the world: USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Costa Rica, China, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, Taiwan, France and Mexico. The Colors theme in this competition included a diversity in types, styles and mediums (oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, photography, digital, steel, fiber). “

Rownak said “Online art contests are a great way for me to put my artistic efforts to a test against many other artist from all over the world. I choose online contests that relate to my artistic interest and experience. Color, Composition, Depth & Mood/Feeling are what excites me about taking an idea and exploring where they all take me to a final piece of art while I hopefully learn a new technique or process along the way.”

His piece ‘Primary Head 2021’ is an example of his playful point of view and wildly colorful palette. 

“PrimaryHead 2021 is my favorite of these images,” Rownak offered, pleased that the Art Room Gallery liked it as well. 


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