Modifications to MOVE @ Washington/Ince/Culver Intersection

The MOVE Culver City project team has received a great response to the new traffic lane configurations and have listened to comments from motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. By listening to your input, specific design elements that need improvements have been identified. We are in the process of enhancing our focus areas based on that feedback.

As part of the MOVE Culver City project, the northbound/westbound segment of Washington Boulevard between Ince Boulevard and Culver Boulevard/Canfield Avenue intersections will be reconfigured to create three (3) lanes as described below to improve traffic and signal operation efficiency.

Work to Begin – from December 27, 2021, to December 31, 2021

A new LEFT TURN ONLY lane (the inside lane next to the center of the roadway) for general traffic.
A new shared BIKE/BUS lane (the middle lane).
A THROUGH & RIGHT TURN ONLY lane (outside lane next to the loading zone) for general traffic

The modification will also incorporate a mixing zone on westbound Washington Boulevard approaching Ince Boulevard that allows general traffic going to Canfield Boulevard or eastbound Culver Boulevard to turn from the outside lane to outside lane at the Washington Boulevard/Ince Boulevard intersection.
All general traffic from westbound Washington Boulevard heading to westbound Culver Boulevard will turn from the inside lane at the Washington Boulevard /Ince Boulevard intersection into the inside lane on northbound Washington Boulevard and turn left into the inside lane on westbound Culver Boulevard.
Westbound Washington Boulevard bus and bike traffic will turn from the outside lane at the Washington/Ince intersection to the middle lane on northbound Washington Boulevard to turn left onto the dedicated bus lane (middle lane) and bike lane (outside lane) on westbound Culver Boulevard.
A new bike box will be added for northbound Washington Boulevard at Canfield Avenue to facilitate bike movements.
Additional pavement markings and signages will be added to facilitate lane choices in this area. Traffic signals at both intersections will be adjusted accordingly in response to the striping changes.

Traffic Impacts During Construction

The construction work will occur between 8 AM and 5 AM, with the majority of the work to be done between 9 PM and 5 AM. Businesses and their access points will remain open during construction.

Questions or Concerns?

Send questions, comments or concerns through the Contact Culver City Portal or call us at 310-253-6500.

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