Dear Editor – The Best Interest of the Community

To the Editor:

I’m writing in support of a campaign to significantly increase the number of new, affordable multi-family housing units in every neighborhood in town. My wife and I recently moved here from Arlington, VA. We moved to Fox Hills to be near her sister, and were dismayed by the rental price of the few apartments we could afford. Our income is above the CC average; we suspect that, excepting the most affluent, many families in town (especially those with children) are mortgaging their futures. It seems to me that it is in the best interest of a community to help those who work in these new, well-paying jobs in CC, to live here as well. Good citizens, bigger tax base, better traffic flow. A win/win/win for all. I hope all who can will dedicate themselves to Smart Growth (Arlington’s term) for Culver City. A model for communities all over the country.

Ronald Boykin

The Actors' Gang

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