Dear Editor – Housing and Height

Dear Editor,

   In response to Marc Bauer’s Letter to the Editor  – Three (Fisch, Lee, McMorrin) of the 5 current city council members don’t want to add just two to three units to single family home residential lots. They want to add even more than the state recommends which is 9 or 10. Can you visualize 12-15 unit high rise apartments or condos looming? And that’s without parking provided. This is nothing more that big business developers snatching up property for their own personal gain. It won’t provide cheap affordable units. Just more high end unaffordable units to line big developer pockets.

Bonnie Wacker

The Actors' Gang


  1. This appears to be more misinformation that provokes fear and anger. I have heard these council members talk about allowing 2-4 units to be built on lots that were previously zoned as single family lots, not 12-15. If I am wrong please indicate where or when you have heard them say they would allow 12-15 units to be built on a previously single family home lot. I wouldn’t support that either.

  2. I believe that this is inaccurate information that in some people will cause unwarranted fear and anger. I have heard these three Council members express support for allowing 2-4 units to be built on lots previously zoned only for single family homes to create more affordable housing and more housing in general. I have not heard them ever suggest building more than 4 units and certainly not 12-15 units on a lot that previously had a single family home like in most neighborhoods of Culver City. I also don’t believe they are trying to sneak anything past Culver City residents or took their current positions for self-serving goals.

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