City Council Gives Unanimous Approval – Sweetflower Gets Green Light for Retail Opening

After working with the city since September of 2018, Sweetflower has been granted permission to open as the first retail cannabis outlet in Culver City. 

The presentation at the Oct. 25, 2021 City Council meeting by Sweetflower CEO Tim Dodd noted that Sweetflower was the “highest scoring applicant” on the permit process put forward by the city, which he also held was the highest legal standard. 

He also noted that diversity of the company’s administration and staff, with 90% and 80% respectively, and that Sweetflower has given  over $80,000 in donation to local charities such as the Culver City Education Foundation. “I have held an open door policy for all residents, and we’ve engaged in with community, every day.” 

Jamie Wallace was among the community members who applauded Sweetflower for having “jumped through all the hoops, and more. It’s time to let them open.” 

Amy Howard spoke on behalf of the “residents of the 4000 block of Lincoln Ave., the block that will be most impacted by the opening of a cannabis dispensary.” She said that Dodd had met with the neighborhood and offer his assurance of security guards and valet parking to minimize any inconvenience to the residents on the street. 

Ken Mand also spoke in favor of Sweetflower being given permission to open, and the long delayed advent of retail cannabis coming due. 

Five ayes from the council, and permission was granted for the store to open, as a date to be announced. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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