Housing Element to Return to Council Agenda Oct. 25

While housing is one of the most popular topics in the current political conversation, the passage of Assembly Bill 1398 into law has now put another mechanism into place that must be addressed. The law, authored by Assembly member Richard Bloom, “will work to incentivize timely compliance  with the housing element, or state housing laws.” With Governor Gavin Newsom signing the bill into law on September 28, 2021, another pressure point has been activated. 

The Culver City Council will be considering ‘Direction on Housing Element Adoption and Rezoning Timing, ‘ which will require modifications to the General Plan Update, and to the amount of financial support needed to accomplish the required goals. The October 25, 2021 meeting of the council will feature this as an agenda item. 

Currently, jurisdictions that fail to adopt a housing element by the statutory deadline are required to adopt a revised housing element every four years, rather than every eight. This penalty for non-compliance with state housing deadlines has proven ineffective and has led to local agencies adopting deficient housing elements months after the deadline with no consequences. Some agencies have  adopted non-compliant housing elements by the deadline to avoid a penalty of having to revise the element in four years. 

While Culver City is still within its limit for submitting a plan that fills the requirements, the added pressure of the new law will effect how the General Plan Update incorporates the elements currently being considered. 

To attend the meeting, or speak on the item, go to CulverCity.org and click in under Meetings & Agendas.


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