Cold War Spaces Offers 50th Online with Guillaume Serina

This week The Wende Online will celebrate the 50th Cold War Spaces interview with the French American journalist and historian Guillaume Serina as guest speaker. He will talk about the conversations between President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in October 1986 at the summit in Reykjavik about nuclear arms control, based on archival research and personal interviews with Gorbachev and others.

What was at stake, and what went wrong? What was the international reception of the summit, and what were its long-term effects? How realistic was the dream of a world without nuclear weapons? And, last but not least: where are we nowadays in terms of nuclear control, and the lack thereof?

Wednesday, October 20, 12 p.m. PST: Guillaume Serina – Nuclear-Free Space: Reagan, Gorbachev, and a World Without the Bomb


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