Its A Wrap – Newest Eric Owen Moss Building Completes Exoskeleton

The unique 17 story structure known as The Wrapper has completed the creation of the exterior metal frame that defines the project. Eric Owen Moss, whose world famous architecture has beautified the Culver City area of the Hayden Tract has reached up and over to Baldwin Hills for this building. 

The purpose of the steel frame is not simply for show – its strength will permit for an open interior on all floors, free of columns.  Standing roughly 200 feet in height, the tower will be capped with a large rooftop deck with views of the surrounding area.

The Wrapper, which has been in process for more than two decades, is now scheduled for completion in June 2022, according to the leasing information currently available. The listing also touts “access to the Ballona Creek Bike Path” as a benefit of the building. 

While the size of the Wrapper was unprecedented for the neighborhood when it was first approved, the project will not be the tallest building in South Los Angeles when it is finished. According to UrbanizeLA, that title has been claimed by the neighboring Cumulus development – a 30 story mixed-use complex of more than 1,200 apartments and a retail grocer.

Phot0- artist’s rendering from EricOwenMoss



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  1. My initial reaction was unfavorable, but the building has grown on me a bit, after having its structure and concep explained to me by my daughter. The Cumulus building, by contrast, makes me fantasize about Howard Roark’s solution in The Fountainhead, even though I haven’t been an Ayn Rand fan since my callow youth!

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