The Actors’ Gang Offers ‘Mayhem: The Invasion’

Today, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, The Actors’ Gang is proud to present the return of Mayhem: The Invasion, a radio play/game show that debates the legacy of Columbus. “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” or genocidal sociopath?

Mayhem: The Invasion is an unparalleled sonic experience written by Artistic Director Tim Robbins. Recorded live, in partnership with LA Theatre Works, and broadcast on KCRW 89.9 in 1992, Mayhem: The Invasion is a satirical journey through history via the radio game show, Conflagration! From behind-the-scenes at Conflagration, the show that “lives in the past to find a better future,” you’ll hear breaking news updates from obedient correspondents in Baghdad, hot-mic sniveling among contestants, and focused, persistent interruptions from the independent resistance at Taino Radio. Don’t touch that dial. This is laugh-out-loud entertainment!

Pay What You Can, and listen when you like. Available now.

*Access to this production is Pay What You Can on our website! For additional information, or if you have questions or need assistance, please email us at [email protected], or call (310) 838-4264 Ext. 1

The Actors' Gang

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