Mayor Fisch, State Senator Kamlager Celebrate Clean Air Day with Culver CityBus

Now that the first electric bus has been put into service, the next order of business is getting more enthusiastic passengers. State Senator Sydney Kamlager commemorated Clean Air Day on Oct. 6, 2021 to take a ride on the new vehicle along with Mayor Alex Fisch, and got the information on how our municipal bus fleet will be changing.

During a short ride from the city’s transit offices to the transportation hub at Westfield/Fox Hills, Kamlager asked about repurposing retired vehicles, battery life, the length of the average bus route, and offered her compliments on the quiet vehicle. 

“This is what planning for a sustainable future looks like. We have the technology and we have the insight, and using them both together is what is going to get us there.” Kamlager also commented on the devastating oil spill in Orange County, saying “We can’t just keep pretending that it won’t happen again. And we cannot let this happen again.” 

With the first all-electric bus on the road, three more will be added in this fiscal year. Fisch was both pleased and proud to note that Culver City was the first to upgrade to a 21st Century standard, and that offering free fares to all the students in the district was one part of the program already underway to increase ridership.  

You can find which route the new electric bus is on today by checking the Culver CityBus App, and look for the bus with the lightning  bolt. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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