Dear Editor – Vote No on Recall

Dear Editor,

Sierra Club California strongly opposes this recall and we urge you to vote NO on question 1 of your ballot.

California has a low bar to recall elected officials, which has led to every governor since 1960 having a recall petition filed against them. Recalls should be reserved for instances where a public official demonstrates an incapacity to serve or, as with an impeachment subject, commits bribery, treason or other high crimes or misdemeanors.

That isn’t the case here. In fact, this recall election is purely political – with candidates vying for the governorship in what is essentially a power grab.

Vote NO on the recall and put to rest the idea that we should overturn the will of the voters by ousting public officials for trivial or specious reasons.

Moreover, the recall could significantly impair California’s efforts to address the climate crisis and protect the communities that are feeling its worst of impacts. No state has more to lose in the fight against climate change than California. While we’ve made significant progress in this fight, more is needed. But many of the candidates running in this recall election won’t protect us from climate change, with some even outwardly denying the existence of the climate crisis. Their election to the Governor’s seat would be catastrophic for the environment.

Let’s not take the chance of these results befalling our local communities.

Again, the Sierra Club urges you to vote NO on the recall.

David Haake

Culver City Resident and
Chair, Sierra Club West Los Angeles Group

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