Traffic Calming and Bike Lanes In the Works for Fox Hills

There has not been a community meeting in Fox Hills in the last four years that did not include a passionate plea from residents for traffic calming. The amount of ‘pass-through’ cars that speed down the streets and the crowded parking has been a continual and urgent topic of conversation. Substantial solutions are now in the pipeline. Bikeways and Traffic Calming measures for the Fox Hills area were presented to the community by Heba El-Guindy, Culver City Traffic Engineer on April 1 and April 15 of 2021.

The following strategies will be implemented, with a targeted completion in the next several months:

Protected Class IV bike lanes on Buckingham Parkway, and Class II bike lanes on Green Valley Circle and Bristol Parkway. Provision of the bike lanes will result in narrower car lanes, which have been shown to help reduce cars’ travel speeds. (Bike lanes already on Hannum will be extended down Hannum to Slauson as well).

Design plan include speed humps or cushions on Cambridge Way, Windsor Way, Sumner Way, Kensington Way, Doverwood, and Canterbury Drive. The number and locations of humps is still to be decided. 

Mini “roundabouts” at the intersections on Buckingham Parkway/Kensington Way and Buckingham Parkway/Windsor Way.

Intersection narrowing devices/bulbouts on Canterbury Drive at Green Valley Circle and Hannum Avenue, and at the intersection Canterbury Drive/Sumner Way.

Speed feedback signs facing traffic in both directions on Green Valley Circle (to the east of Sepulveda and north of Centinela) and on Bristol Parkway (to the north of Centinela and south of Slauson).

Median installation at the crosswalk on Buckingham Parkway at Sumner Way.

Due to community safety concerns expressed at the April 1 meeting, the middle turn lane on Green Valley Circle between Buckingham and Bristol will remain.

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