Statement from EHRAC in Regard to Hate Crimes

During the April 27, 2021 public meeting, the Equity & Human Relations Advisory Committee adopted a statement condemning hatred and violence towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community in light of recent events of violence against this community. The statement reads:

We members of the Culver City Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee condemn the hatred and violence we have seen throughout our nation, most recently in Atlanta.

There must be no home for hatred and bigotry against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders or against any group of people, whether in Culver City or elsewhere.

Although we as a nation have focused the majority of our attention on gun violence, we cannot ignore other means by which bigotry is expressed, such as the violence of shoving, hitting, making mean comments and giving nasty looks.

The majority of people in this country are undergoing a great deal of stress due to the effects of COVID on their lives. It has been easy to scapegoat Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

We members of the Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee can well imagine the much greater worry, stress, and confusion that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders feel each day.

We know Culver City residents who could easily be targets of this bigotry. They are students in our schools and their parents. They are neighbors living a few doors away. They shop in local markets and walk their dogs in front of our homes.

What can we Culver City residents who are not Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders do in response?

It may be as simple as smiling and saying hello. Engaging people in friendly conversation.

These are additional ways we can respond, some uncomfortable:

Speak out when you hear a person making nasty comments or see someone engaging in other acts of bigotry.
Speak out if you witness a hate crime or incident.
Check in with your Asian American peers.
Learn about the history of Asian American discrimination.
Advocate for awareness in your workplace.
Reach out to your elected officials to work toward better ways of understanding and collecting data on hate crimes.
Make a public comment of support during a meeting of any kind.
Engage Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders you know in difficult but compassionate conversations.
We take reports of bias or discrimination seriously. Any members of our community who have experienced or witnessed an act of bias are encouraged to report the incident to our Equity and Human Relations Advisory Committee and to the relevant department, commission, board, committee, or other entity—for example

the City Council
the School Board
your child’s school
the Human Resources Department
the Police Department
and others
We encourage Culver City residents to look for opportunities to demonstrate that each of us cares, that we stand in solidarity with those who awaken every morning wondering if they and their families will be the next targets.

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