Culver City Fire Department Outreach to Homebound Seniors

The Culver City Fire Department (CCFD) is currently conducting outreach on behalf of the LA County Department of Public Health to ask certain homebound seniors if they are interested in receiving the FREE Johnson & Johnson vaccine. So far, CCFD has visited approximately 200 out of 360 homes in Culver City on record with the LA County Department of Public Health. Although there is a directive to temporarily pause the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, CCFD anticipates that the pause could be lifted as soon as this Friday. Once the pause is lifted, CCFD will be able to conduct mobile health clinics to administer the vaccine to homebound seniors who wish to receive it.

Please note, CCFD members conduct these visits in uniform and provide residents with information about the reason for their visit. CCFD members will never ask for payment or payment information as the COVID-19 vaccine is always FREE. For information about potential vaccine scams, visit the LA County Department of Public Health website.

In addition to mobile health clinics for homebound seniors, CCFD will also conduct mobile health clinics for unhoused people in Culver City who would like to receive the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Community Risk Reduction Division is available to answer questions about the program in Culver City at (310) 253-5925.

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