AVPA Dance and Film Collaborate to Present “Who Are We?”

AVPA’s One Body Dance Company will present its Spring Concert, titled Who Are We?, at 7 p.m on Friday, April 16.

Since the pandemic began, we have all done quite a bit of self-reflection as to who we are as individuals and who we are as a community and a society. Who are we and, perhaps more importantly, who do we want to be? These reflections came through writing, through experimenting with movement ideas, through time spent in nature and the result is a lovely snapshot of where we are today and what is meaningful to us. Some pieces are serious, some are playful, others are joyous and I guarantee there is something in this program for everyone to enjoy!

“The concert is a true collaboration between AVPA Dance and AVPA Film. Choreographers and filmmakers worked together from initial concept to final frame and all should be celebrated for their openness to feedback, communication, and attention to detail on their beautiful films,” said Carol Zee, AVPA’s Artistic Director and Creative Director of Dance. “I’m so inspired by the creativity, the problem-solving and the collaboration I see happening here. This is the beauty of art-making, isn’t it? The process.”

A special thank you to the Wende Museum, which graciously provided the location for the majority of the dance shoots.

Find the link for live viewing at www.avpa.org

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