March 29 is National “Mom-and-Pop” Business Day – Shop Small, Stay Local

As we lean towards re-openings, it’s the ideal time to change your economic habits to something just a bit healthier; shopping at locally owned businesses and keeping your dollars here is a great way to help your community.
While it’s one of those national days of commemoration that pop up on the calendar pretty constantly, the small businesses of Culver City really do need your support. 

Calling a business a ‘mom-and-pop’ is an old fashioned way of saying individual owner; plenty of local businesses are sister owned, son and daughter owned, or grandma owned. They are likely to be people who have been doing business here for years, and the pandemic has been a real survival challenge. 

A corporation whose concern is turning out dividends for shareholders cannot have their first focus on serving customers. The needs being met by big business are not just out of town – they are often out of state or out of country. So, spending your money there is not going to benefit your community in any way (other than the sales tax that goes to the city.)

While you are spending your money at local businesses, it’s a wonderful time to reach out and say hello. Creating (or renewing) relationships is what makes a community (and an economy) thrive. 





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