Local Music Legend Zoenda Parks McIntosh Puts on ‘Peril’ with New Album ‘Right Then’

Zoenda Parks McIntosh presents a third experimental alternative album that will be out on the full, fat moon of March 28, 2021, and we have a taste for you – today – right now – in our video box.

Working as the artist Peril, McIntosh recorded “Right Then” with oft-tapped collaborator and co-conspirator Lee Wiggins.

Peril’s diverse musical creations have been disparately characterized as The Andrews Sisters meet They Might Be Giants, The Avalanches tangle with Sugarcubes, and Sparks frolic with Berlin. The results are an avant-garde and intrepid intertwining of pop, dance, Americana, funk, rock, and punk, swirling across eras and the cosmos.

Inspired by a 1990s headline about national parks in peril due to budget cuts, Zoenda ran with the uncertain and unclear Peril as a performer moniker for YouTube videos and the streaming sites. Peril’s album “Right Then” is a partnership between Zoenda and Lee, along with a rotating cast of musicians recruited from varied music circles around the USA and UK. Peril is weird. It’s genre-hopping — from orchestral to shambolic punk. Peril is Dada. Musique Mécanique. Spoken word. Dance pop. Peril is all these things because her work originated with a mindset of fearlessness, eclecticism and experimentation, making songs that hew more to a theme — where the flow of songs is held to pre-internet shuffle standards.

Peril released the debut LP “Tumultuous Savages” in 2014, followed by “Lossless” in 2017. Peril’s covers compilation series “I Dare You to Put It on and Not Enjoy It” volumes 1 – 4 displays heterogeneous source material in likewise distinct arrangements and production styles which result in an aural Robert Rauschenbergian delight.

Zoenda calls Culver City home, and Lee resides in Atlanta. Musical collaborators on this album include luminaries Paul Abrelat, Jonathan Aronson, Joel Boyea, Jonny Daly, Steve Della Maggiora, Carey Anne Farrell, Mike Gamble, Christo Harris, Owen Hodgson, Jeff Jensen, Tim King, Isaac King, Peter McDade IV, Bill Phillips, and Michael Sherwood. Tracks were recorded and mixes were tenderly confected in Atlanta, GA; Decatur, GA; Marietta, GA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Petaluma, CA; San Francisco, CA; Auburn, CA; Marshall, MI; Salem, OR; and Inverurie, Scotland.

Peril’s music has been played on KCSN and KCRW in Los Angeles by Nic Harcourt and Gary Calamar, KMUZ in the Wilamette Valley of Oregon by Tim King, and WMSC out of Montclair State in New Jersey by Mike Mitsch. Legends Inara George, Kevin Hearn, The Soogs, Robbie Rist, Dan Bryk, and Circe Link have all collaborated with Peril.

Enjoy a little slice of Right Then right now; go to the video post on the page (next space down) or if you are connecting though the newsletter to social media, please visit the site for the full experience. 




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