Ranch/Kelmore/Overland – Three Way Intersection to be Shifted with Grant Funding

The intersection of Ranch, Kelmore and Overland is a spot that many people in Culver City know to be at least challenging, and at worst, dangerous. The three way intersection as multiple lanes feeding in each direction, and is punctuated by “Stop” signs that don’t always get drivers to stop. All it takes is one oversized vehicle blocking the view, and pedestrians are at risk.

The City of Culver City will be holding a community meeting through the Public Works Department that will take place via video conference on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 6:00 PM. Getting community input is vital to changing the intersection in a way that works.

This is a follow-up community meeting to the one held on January 14, 2021. In January, a virtual community meeting was held with the residents, property owners, and business owners in the Culver Crest Neighborhood to introduce the trial of a temporary redesign of the intersection of Ranch/Kelmore/Overland funded by an Active Transportation Project (ATP) Quick-Build grant. Based on the feedback received at the meeting and since, at this follow-up meeting staff will respond to concerns, present a revised concept plan, and discuss future actions that are beyond the scope of this temporary trial. Members of the public are invited to provide input.

Co to CulverCity.org, and then to Meetings & Agendas to register to attend and/or comment. 

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