“Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” Online Premiere – Feb. 4

“Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” premieres Thursday, February 4 at 5 pm Pacific and will be accessible through April 4, 2021. The video will be free to Center Theatre Group subscribers and supporters or $10 for all others. Part of Center Theatre Group’s L.A. Writers’ Workshop Festival: New Plays Forged in L.A., the virtually produced reading of “Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” is written by Kemp Powers (2019-2020 L.A. Writers’ Workshop participant) and will be available at www.CTGLA.org/ChristaMcAuliffe.

“Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” follows Bernard and Steven Gentry, twins who have lived starkly different lives. One is plagued by racism because of his dark skin while the other passes as white. Steven spent his childhood trying to fit in and is now a successful attorney. Bernard was a star student who dreamt of space, but his current prospects are about as dismal as the Challenger Space Shuttle that once inspired him. Moving between their 80s New York City childhood and a Minnesota courthouse in 2006, “Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” is a haunting meditation on race and privilege in America.

Directed by Jennifer Chang, the cast of “Christa McAuliffe’s Eyes Were Blue” features Giovanni Adams, Jovan Adepo, Amaia Arana, Lorena Martinez, Connor Paolo, Adam J. Smith, Cory Michael Smith, Larry Bates and Justin Lawrence Barnes.

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