City Extends Cap on Third Party Food Delivery Charges to March 31, 2021

It’s been one of the pandemic challenges; money is tight, and saving where you can is important. But restaurants are struggling to survive, and while ordering ‘to go’ is good, using a third party delivery can take a very big bite out of the already slender profit margin that most eateries operate under. 

From the city – “To support retail food establishments, the City of Culver City implemented a temporary cap on third-party food delivery services in November 2020 per the 28th Supplement to the Public Order.

This cap has been extended to March 31st due to the continued constraints relative to on-site dining challenges related to COVID-19 and winter weather. The maximum fees for third-party food delivery services shall not be greater than 15% of the purchase price for delivery and no more than 5% of the purchase price per order for all other fees such as marketing, data analytics, and technical support.

The Order does not preclude a retail food establishment from consenting to pay any combination of fees, commissions, or costs greater than five percent (5%) for specific and additional services provided by third-party delivery service; however, such consent must be in writing.”

When ordering food to be delivered, check and see if the restaurant in question has their own delivery available. It’s the best way to go to keep you dollars local. And make sure you are tipping your delivery person. If it’s a contactless drop off, let them know you have tipped online, or that you have left something in a spot for them to grab. If you don’t have enough to pay for a take out order and a tip, then you don’t have enough to pay for a take order.  

While we all look forward to being able to enjoy our local restaurants; let’s keep them cooking. 


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