Relaxed Parking Enforcement to Continue Through February – Cooperation is Appreciated

Think of it as the beginning of a long term benefit; while the City of Culver City continues it’s relaxed enforcement of parking restrictions, the city “kindly requests motorists to move their cars when possible on street sweeping days during this relaxed enforcement period.”

If we can be just that small amount of supportive, if we can move the cars without being threatened with the punishment of a parking fine, perhaps by this time next year, street sweeping tickets will just be an interesting part of our history. 

Parking enforcement is now scheduled to remain “relaxed” through Sunday, February 28, but street sweeping services are still occurring,

“Understanding that the street sweeper must maneuver around parked cars, many residents have inquired about the relaxed enforcement, and on their own have moved their vehicles off of the street on posted street sweeping days,” from the CCPD Parking Division.

If there are any leaves or trash in the curb area that the sweeper cannot reach because of parked cars, the city asks residents to sweep such material out into the street beyond the parked cars an hour or so before the scheduled sweeping time. Or, residents can sweep up the materials and place in green bins for collection.

Just a bit of collective effort, and relaxed can also be refreshed. 


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