Dear Editor – Unsupervised Big Tech

Dear Editor,
   It doesn’t matter who you voted for. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to. If you are an American citizen who believes in the liberal values of our 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech then you should be very concerned about big tech censorship. Who will be next to be censored by big tech? Do you really want a handful of big tech monopolies controlling the information available to you, deciding what supports their goals and what does not? It’s bad enough that one point of view is pushed on Main Stream Media. It’s bad enough that the conversation is currently controlled by only a few, but do you really want unelected, unsupervised, big tech companies controlling everything?

Robert Zirgulis

The Actors' Gang

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  1. I think this is true. We have become so divided as a nation that we can’t hear each other speak anymore. I don’t ever remember it being this bad. What concerns me most is when Big Tech platforms decided what we can hear and what we can’t. They have protection from liability lawsuits in return for being neutral. When they stop be neutral, they should lose that protection. Thanks

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