Dear Editor – Play on Words

Dear Editor, 

By wearing a Blue Lives Matter band during his oath of office, Councilman Albert Vera showed his appreciation of the CCPOA and its campaign support given him through their own independent campaign mailings.

Is it beyond some people’s comprehension that Albert just might be quite sincere in his support of both parties on each side of the issues of Defunding the Police and the Black Lives Matter movement? Or are local citizens so stigmatize by their extreme views on these matters that they cannot even see straight.

The old attitude of “If you’re not with me, then you’re a’gin me.” is only playing to the extremists’ point of view.

Also, having the editor remind readers of the Crossroads’ calling out of Mr Lee for reversing his stand on a campaign issue after he took office, doesn’t make this point of view any more right in judging or misjudging Albert’s sincerity in trying to work on these issues. And it doesn’t take much reading of this publication for most people to figure out that with these types of opinion pieces that the Crossroads’ coverage tends to lean towards supporting the progressive point of view on most local and national issues.

Does anyone really think that partisans from either position could bring cooler heads from both factions together and, thereby, bring some sense of calm to the situation? Only someone who has amicable ties to both factions would have any chance of brokering a working truce behind the scenes between both local factions.

Other than Albert Vera, is there anybody else in Culver City that has this kind of political persuasion to pull this off, or maybe locals just want both sides to continue shouting “at each other” at a distance rather than coming together to talk “with each other” and help bring about a local solution?

George Laase

The Actors' Gang

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  1. This seems odd, as I don’t think that wearing a blue armband is working both sides of an issue. It is a choice and a pretty loud one at that. It’s not an action of “sincerity.” I hope that Mr. Vera does work to bring people together. But I was dismayed by the very political choice he made upon his seating upon the council. I am not a radical faction in this city; Just someone who supports the rights of its citizens.

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