Dear Editor – Reflections on Eriksson’s State of the City

Dear Mayor Eriksson, 

Thank you for your State of the City message and for all of your efforts during this time of Covid, especially your commitment to assure our food-insecure residents were cared for, as too for helping provide a rental assistance program.

However, there is one thing that haunts me as a social ethicist & moral educator. To condone violence, even implicit violence is in effect silently supporting it. In a mailer during our recent election the Police Association approved a red X over the face of 3 candidates, while supporting 3 others. Too often such a sign indicates intended violence. It concerned me especially In this time of self-anointed armed militants.

Former Mayors Cooper and Clark were instrumental in getting Culver City designated as a “City of Kindness.” I wonder if we’ve forgotten that commitment? I was hoping that as our Mayor you would have made an announcement after the offensive mailer, that this type of promotion is not welcome in Culver City. I certainly would not, nor do I think you too would enjoy knowing publicity is out there with red-Xes on our faces.

Please consider as a final act as current Mayor apologizing to those who were “red-xed.” And compassionately ask the CCPD to review any future mailer that implicates them to assure that even when in opposition to a position, that advertising is infused with fairness and kindness.

In closing, I so appreciated the 3 R’s you closed your State of the City address with – that we work together to Recover – Rebuild – Restore. Please know that I am happy in any way I can to help restore, rebuild, and help our Culver City Police Department recover their reputation as Peace Officers, servants of protecting the people, property, and environment that has us claiming Culver City as a City of Kindness!

Dr Suzanne De Benedittis, PhD

The Actors' Gang

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