COVID 19 Surges in LA County – New Restrictions Effective This Friday, Nov. 20

COVID-19 cases have more than doubled since the beginning of November and hospitalizations have increased from an average of about 900 a day to well over 1,000 a day. To protect public health, the safety of our community and everyone’s ability to be served in area hospitals, the County is putting in place the following new restrictions effective this Friday, November 20:

Non-essential businesses permitted to operate indoors—including retail stores, offices, personal care services—occupancy will be limited to 25% maximum capacity.
Outdoor restaurants, breweries and wineries—limited to 50% max outdoor capacity.
Cardrooms, outdoor mini-golf, go-karts and batting cages—limited to 50% maximum outdoor capacity.
Personal care establishments by appointment only to customers wearing face coverings by staff wearing face coverings. Services that require either the customer or the staff to remove their face covering, such as facials and shaves, are not permitted. Food and drinks cannot be served at these establishments to customers.
Restaurants, breweries, wineries, bars, and all other non-essential retail establishments must close from 10 PM to 6 AM. As permitted to operate, businesses can still offer pick-up and delivery services during these hours.
Outdoor gatherings remain the only gatherings permitted, and they must only include 15 people maximum who are members of no more than 3 households.
The Health Officer Order will be amended to reflect the above restrictions and can be found on the Department of Public Health’s website. The restrictions aim to reduce the possibility for crowding and reduce the potential for exposures in settings where people are not always wearing their face coverings in an effort to prevent more cases, increased hospitalizations and more deaths.

The County also established the following thresholds for additional actions if cases or hospitalizations continue to increase:

If the five-day average number of cases in the County increases to greater than 4,000 or hospitalizations rise above 1,750 per day, the following restriction will be added:
Outdoor and indoor dining at restaurants, breweries, wineries and bars will be prohibited and these businesses will only be able to offer pick-up and delivery. Businesses in this sector are being notified via email by DPH, which will work with them to ensure a smooth transition.
If the five-day average number of cases in the County is greater than 4,500 or hospitalizations increase beyond 2,000 per day, the following restriction will be added:
A Safer at Home Order will be instituted for three weeks. The Order would only allow essential workers and those securing essential services to leave their homes.
A 10 PM to 6 AM curfew would be mandated, with essential workers exempt.

Stay home, and stay safe. 

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