Vera, McMorrin Hold Top Voting Totals – Puza, Eriksson Close for Third

The election last week did provide a wide enough spread on some contests to consider them settled – Albert Vera is leading with 9,667 votes, followed by Yasmine Imani McMorrin 9,594 votes –  meaning that both are assured of being seating on the new city council. But the thin margin of only 31 votes between leading city council candidate Freddy Puza and incumbent Goran Eriksson is still a cliff hanger. Either could claim third place soon. 

No new votes have been added to the official total since Nov. 6, 2020, keeping Puza at 7,933 and Eriksson at 7,902. 

In previous years, even a margin this small would have been settled on election night by a recount done at City Hall by the City Clerk. This time, we are waiting for results from the LA County Registrar/Recorder to post updates. As they have already processed close to three million ballots ( 77.78%) with just under a million ballots still to be counted (22.22%) Culver City will have to wait, but probably only until the end of the day. 

Measure B, revoking the city’s power to enact rent control, has been roundly defeated, losing by a margin of almost 10% of the vote ( NO votes – 11,208, to YES votes, 9,087) and Measure RE won with 10, 487 votes to 9,599 votes. 

Updates are expected from the county soon. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang

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